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You can edit your games to add data such as purchase date, hours played, money they cost you or add notes. Change their status to completed and we will move them to that section so you can focus on those you are playing or have on hold.

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We use an immense database where you will find all kinds of games from 80s platforms such as the NES, through the PC or current platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, Playstation 5 or Xbox Series S and X. Also discover the most popular games at that moment!

All the information on the best games, links to videos, etc...

Each game has a complete file where you can consult data such as platforms, release date, images, boxarts, links to trailers on YouTube, gameplays on Twitch or the opinion of the critics on Metacritic

Create your wishlist, write notes and move them to pending

We all have more anticipated releases that we do not want to miss, adding them to this list you can create notes and not miss anything, once you have bought them it is very easy to move them to the earrings to continue tracking them

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And if that were not enough, if you register on our app, we will save the data in our cloud so that you can have your collection synchronized on various devices, in addition to giving you some statistics with the data you enter, such as hours played or average hours per game